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About Us

Linea Natura (Struttura) products are actually not very new on the Estonian market, having been available for some time already. Unfortunately, they were not particularly well-known, and few people were even aware of the exceptional products and the wow effect they produced. Two members of our Linea team had tried those products and when those products were one day no longer available in Estonia, they found that they were unable to imagine their lives without truly clean and miraculously soft hair. All that was left to do was to visit Rome, talk with the family-owned manufacturer, try to overcome the language barrier, and begin importing the products to Estonia and marketing them here ourselves.

This was how Reenuks OÜ was born in 2014 and the Facebook page for Linea Natura hair care products was created, through which the purchasing of products and advising of customers took place prior to the e-shop. 2016. In 2016, Reenuks OÜ also began to import Linea MammaBaby body care products, which are oriented more towards small children and babies, yet also suitable for other family members.

At present, it has grown into the e-shop Lineashop, which has undertaken to offer products that are as natural and clean as possible in Estonia, that we use ourselves and are able to highly recommend. All of our products are 100% manufactured in Italy, and only in accordance with Europe’s best standards. The products in our product range are not tested on animals; although, we do love to half-jokingly say that we test all of our products on ourselves and our families before recommending them to others. So we have every confidence in the quality and well-being of our products! We also consider the social contribution made by the company to be important, and we always support charities and various projects with noble aims.

There are currently two sisters in the Lineashop family, Karin and Kristin – who were also the founders of the company – and they have been joined by Kristi and Adeline. They are all active women, who deal with a number of very different things, although in Lineashop they are brought together by the desire to offer customers the best service and high quality products for body and hair care.