I have used Linea Natura hair care products since 2015. I have tried products from other companies, but in the end I have always returned to Linea’s products.

I heard about the products from my sister, who heard about them from her girlfriend. I have also tried different series, but my favourite is still the bamboo series.

The shampoo lathers very well, which means I only have to use a little. The balsam makes my hair shiny and easy to comb. The end result is hair that is soft and silky. The bamboo series has made my hair grow and also made it thicker, honestly! I have very thin hair, and it has never grown below my shoulder; but now, my hair reaches halfway down by back and has gotten thicker. I am very satisfied and recommend that you DEFINITELY give it a try! I have personally recommended it to my girlfriends and they are also satisfied with the result.

Also, the bamboo series is suitable for children. My daughter has very long hair and this series makes combing her hair very easy; there are no tangles, and she is able to comb her hair quite well on her own. Her hair has also grown at a faster pace thanks to Linea Natura products. Many thanks to the team at Linea Natura.