I have used Linea Natura hair care products since 2012. They have become irreplaceable products in my life. During that time I have been able to grow my hair very long, regardless of the toning and highlighting, and trimming of the ends.
I began with the green, i.e. BAMBOO series. I immediately noticed how my hair stayed clean longer and became shinier and easier to comb. At present, I have used all of the series, which have all been super good at different times – bamboo and silk protein ones are lighter and suitable for hair that becomes oily more quickly. Royal jelly, argan, and linseed oil all moisturise very well. My hair’s current favourite is the silk protein shampoo set, which keeps my hair clean longer, and linseed oil hair cream, to provide sufficient moisture to the ends of my hair. I combine different series as needed.
After washing, I apply royal jelly heat protection to my hair – my hair is long and thick, which means there is no escaping blow drying. Regardless of the blow drying and straightening, these products keep my hair healthy and strong. From time to time when hair becomes drier, I also apply a mask with mineral salt ampoules – my hair is well fed and shiny. Since Linea Natura products have kept my hair ideally healthy, then I have dared to try several different hair colours, and not once have my haircare products let me down.
Love yourself and your hair!