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About Us

The journey of Linea Shop begun from the love of the best products for their hair, when two sisters discovered Linea Natura products and they experienced the “wow factor” for the first time in their daily hair care. To keep their own hair so perfectly clean, groomed and extremely soft, they contacted the Italian family business and went to see the production to make sure of the quality. After awhile, they began to market their hair products in Estonia. While initially the goals was to bring products to Estonia for only to satisfy the needs of themselves and their closest friends, positive stories of a wonderful products quickly spread and unexpectedly, on this day this little feminine need has grown to something important for so many. That’s how company Reenux OÜ was born, that stands behind Linea Shop.

We at Linea Shop believe that everything happens for a reason – the right things happen and right people will meet at the right time. So today, we have also found our way into the family of Linea Natura hair products family business (Struttura) and two more Italian family companies – Olcelli Pharmaceuticals (Linea Mammababy for baby products and Linea Tattoo for tattoo care) and Feminae innovative facial treatments. All the wonderful products come from various small family owned businesses that are from different places in Italy, where they emphasis on the best quality of each product and never massively stock up but work in their own relaxed Italian pace.

That all together is Linea Shop, an online shop that we opened 2017, so we could make the purchase process more convenient for a lot of people. Since we are completely new to keeping the web store up to date, we kindly ask you to understand that we are still growing and working on getting better and better each day. We also work daily to find new dealers and reach sales outlets all over Estonia. We are open for all resellers and will discuss all offers. We are actively working on expanding to Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Our goal is to provide products that are natural and as clean as possible. However, in addition, we also think that it is really important that the products truly fulfill their purpose and are effective. All our products are produced 100% in Italy with Europe’s best standards. None of our products are tested on animals. We all use our products ourselves and are comfortable to recommend them. We love to joke around that before we recommend the products, we test them on ourselves and our family. We are fully convinced in the quality and welfare of our products and we are extremely proud of the positive feedback and great success stories, that can be red on our home page and social media pages.

We also believe that it is at great importance to contribute socially, hence why we always support different charities and various noble projects. We are proud of our cooperation with the cancer treatment foundation “Gift of Life” and “Bully free School” foundation. We support and donate for good cause whenever it is possible. It is a sincere joy to work with people who are passionate and believe that every small contribution is a part of something bigger and that you start changing the world from yourself. In fact, when your external beauty is in harmony with your inner beauty, it gives you strength and the energy to be more bolder, better and brighter so the world can shine back – that’s why we believe that the use of the best hair and body care products is also a part of changing the world to a better place.

At the moment in our family we have a great group of people, who are constantly doing a lot of different things, but are conjoined with one similar goal – to offer the best service and quality products for our customers. We all love animals, nature and children very much and collectively we have more than ten children and pets, who are often a big part of our daily work environment. We already are like one big Italian family and we hope that this passion and warmth will reach out to all of you with whom we have the pleasure to be in touch with. And while the Italian culture is sometimes very different and unfamiliar, we try to learn the best about their carefree attitude and to continue to pass it on to you. We believe that there is a solution to every concern and question – you simply have to ask and do not hesitate to do that.

Start your journey to your better self with healthier hair today!