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  • Glee pacifiers are an innovative and intelligent product: they consist of a soft medical silicone core, which includes the handle and teat, enclosed by two very light rigid shields that frame it, making the pacifier safe, colourful and distinctive.

    The teat has been designed by experts to be safe and orthodontic: super-soft, super-thin and with a flattened neck, it allows the correct development of the palate, the dental arches and the correct closing of the mouth and does not interfere with the positioning of the tongue and breathing.

    The light, curved double hard shield adapts perfectly to the baby’s face, leaving nose and chin free and thanks to the ventilation holes does not irritate the skin.

    Available in 4 sizes to follow the growth and development of the newborn.

  • UNIVERSAL WOODEN CLIP for use with Glee and Joy pacifiers.

    How many pacifiers get lost around the house, while out and about, in the car, the sea…? With J BIMBI®, there’s no fear of losing your pacifier! With J BIMBI® clipsyou can hook the pacifier to the baby’s clothes, so you can keep it handy.