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How to choose the right product?

The descriptions of all our products include an explanation of which hair type they are the best for. As choosing your first product can be difficult, we have written down some words of advice that are based on both our experiences and our clients’ experiences. When picking a hair care set, we recommend to choose a shampoo considering your scalp and a hair cream considering (the ends of) your hair. We have outlined some categories and concerns that our clients have expressed to us. Take a look and see if some of them define your hair.

Normal hair, no special problems

For daily use we recommend herbal placenta and bamboo extract hair care set (the green one). This product line has a nourishing and strengthening effect, it also helps protect hair from external environmental factors and stimulates new hair growth. Bamboo extract contains polysacharides, amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts. The extract helps moisturize hair from the inside. In addition, the products contain vitamin E which gives hair a natural shine, protects scalp and hair. It has a hair growth increasing effect and it keeps hair clean for longer.

Struttura orange shampoo is also good for daily use. It is intended for normal and a little bit dry hair.

Organic hair care set is also suitable. It is vitamin-rich and nourishing, improves hair elasticity and moisturizes, without being excessively nourishing. Its pure ingredients make it suitable even for a very sensitive scalp.

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Stressed, lackluster and tired hair

MyBio’s olive shampoo, hair cream and lotion are the correct choice for stressed and tired hair. They have a softening, protecting and antioxidant effect which leaves hair very soft. It is good for brittle and damaged hair and its gentle ingredients make it suitable for the whole family. These products have helped many of our clients keep their hair fresh for longer.

It is also advisable to use chili pepper hair cream for a change. This product is intended for tired and lackluster hair. It is not excessively moisturizing and does not leave hair greasy.

Herbal placenta and bamboo extract hair care set (the green one) is also good for this type of hair for it is nourishing and moisturizing, adding vitality and shine to hair. It has a hair growth increasing effect and it keeps hair clean for longer.

We recommend to use mineral oil adjuvant lotion , revitalizing olive oil or mineral oil with vitamin F to revitalize and moisturize hair.

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Dry hair

We recommend to use royal jelly hair care set on dry and sensitive hair. It is a highly nourishing product line that is intended for thin, flat hair. The main ingredient is royal jelly which contains many different nutrients, providing all types of dry and sensitive hair with strength and energy. Royal jelly is a natural nutrient that is rich in B-group vitamins. It improves hair structure and prevents hair loss.

Struttura’s peach shampoo is also intended for dry hair. Its special ingredients nourish dry hair and give it a natural shine.

In addition, we recommend to use argan oil hair care set which gives hair remarkable vitality and softness on first use already due to its moisturizing qualities. It protects and maintains hair color.

For hair that is dry because of chemical treatments (coloring, heat treatment) we recommend linseed oil hair care set which is very moisturizing and reinvigorating as well. Biologically reinvigorating olive oil hair cream which strengthens lifeless and lackluster hair is also suitable for moisturizing hair that is damaged by environmental factors. Organic’s restorative treatment mask is an excellent cure for fixing split ends.

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Oily scalp

If your scalp tends to get dirty and oily too quickly, it is advisable to check whether your shampoo is very nourishing. We recommend herbal placenta and bamboo extract shampoo (the green one) because this product is gently nourishing. If your scalp is naturally oilier than usual, we suggest to use silk protein shampoo (the light pink one) that gently exfoliates your scalp and improves the functioning of your scalp.

Struttura’s cedar shampoo is specially intended for oily scalp. Due to its balanced ingredients, this product washes scalp without excessive stimulation of sebaceous glands.

Keratin set’s deep cleansing shampoo is suitable in case your scalp is very oily. You have to take into consideration that it may dry your scalp and it is advisable to use hair masks once in a while or combine this shampoo with others.

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Dry scalp

If white flakes sometimes appear on your hair, but they are not quite dandruff, then your scalp is just dry and in need of moisturization. We recommend to use very moisturizing shampoos, such as: linseed oil shampoo, royal jelly shampoo, almond oil or argan oil shampoo.

In addition, we suggest to apply our hair cream to dry scalp. Linseed oil hair cream and argan oil hair cream are our most moisturizing products. It is also advisable to occasionally moisturize your scalp with mineral oil adjuvant lotion , revitalizing olive oil, mineral oil with vitamin F or linseed oil. All these vials have a very nourishing, moisturizing and calming effect.

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Thin and fragile hair

We recommend silk protein hair care set (the light pink one) for this type of hair. This set is intended for fragile and damaged hair. It is not excessively nourishing which makes it suitable for hair that have very thin fibers. These products contain special ingredients that have a gently exfoliating effect which stimulates hair roots and improves the functioning of scalp. This set contains natural silk protein which renews and restores hair after exfoliation. In addition, it makes hair silky, shiny and easily brushable.

This set can be combined with Struttura’s peach shampoo that is intended for dry hair. Its special ingredients nourish dry hair and give it a natural shine. The product’s quantity is an added bonus – one bottle contains 1000 ml.

Chili pepper set is also good for thin hair for it stimulates hair growth. The effects of this set are sufficiently gentle and do not make hair heavy, but at the same time, these products moisturize, soften and give vitality.

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Chemically treated and damaged hair

(hair that is often colored, permed, straightened, blow-dried and curled)

Linseed oil set (the light blue one) is suitable for this kind of hair. This set restores hair with its special ingredients that are designed to restore dry and chemically treated hair. Active components renew hair’s surface and restore damages caused by chemical treatment (bleaching, coloring, color removal etc). Linseed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which have an anti-allergic effect. vitamin F which noticeably increases hair’s elasticity and omega-6 fatty acids which make hair shiny and prevent hair loss. It strengthens hair, giving it a healthy shine and making it easily brushable. It has an anti-static effect.

Struttura’s almond shampoo and MyBio’s almond extract set are also suitable for chemically treated hair. They are specially intended for chemically treated hair. Due to their special ingredients, they provide hair with additional moisturization, softness and vitality. We recommend to use heat protection before chemical hair treatment.

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I have dandruff

If your scalp is ruddy, sensitive and flaky, we recommend to use our anti-dandruff set. Do not let this product’s name scare you for it can also be used when you do not have dandruff, but your scalp is very problematic. This set is intended for scalp treatment and hair recovery. Special anti-dandruff ingredients ensure a strong, long-lasting scalp and hair protecting effect if you use the products regularly. In addition, these products are great moisturizers, they help make hair softer and easily brushable. They have an anti-static and itchiness reducing effect. Anti-dandruff set should definitely be combined with some other Linea Natura’s shampoos, for example, herbal placenta and bamboo extract shampoo.

Mineral oil adjuvant lotions also suitable to use as an anti-dandruff remedy.

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My hair is falling out

We have a special anti-hair loss set (the dark pink one) to stop and prevent hair from falling out. Regular scalp maintenance and massage with special products stimulates blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels which ensure the health and strength of hair. Regular use noticeably decreases the amount of hair loss and makes hair stronger and healthier. We suggest to combine this set with herbal placenta and bamboo extract hair care products that also stimulate hair growth. We do not recommend the daily use of remedy shampoo because then the skin gets used to it and its effect lessens.

Our chili pepper bio extract products have also received a lot of positive feedback. They are stimulating and vivify hair follicles, preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth.

As there are many causes of hair loss, we recommend to consult with a family physician to eliminate vitamin deficiency. Hair loss can also be the cause of a very dry scalp, then the solution is to moisturize your scalp (q.v. products for dry hair).

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Heat protection

If you frequently have your hair chemically treated, we recommend to apply creamy heat protection with argan oil to wet hair after washing. It is a blend of essential oils that unites in itself restoring, strengthening and moisturizing extracts from olive oil, argan oil and royal jelly. Organic creamy heat protection has somewhat lighter ingredients with vitamins A, C and E and it is also a good choice.

Protecting spray with linseed oil helps fix split ends and protects from sun, chlorine, salt and chemical treatments. Organic keratin shine spray makes hair shiny and smooth in addition to providing heat protection and having an anti-static effect.

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Sun protection for hair

We have a special SunSea set for sun protection that offers sufficient protection when you are exposed to intensive sunlight. The products contain essential oils and UV-filters that protect hair from all natural and chemical damaging factors. The set includes a shampoo and hair cream, as well as hair oils and liquids that are comfortable to apply to hair before going out in the sun.

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Dry, split and tangeled hair ends

Our product range boasts a diverse selection of moisturizing and smoothing hair oils that are intended for split ends. In addition, we have revitalizing and nourishing hair creams that are specially created for fixing split ends.

Argan hair oil moisturizes hair and makes it shiny, it also protects and noticeably protects hair. It is an especially effective additional moisturizer and remedy for split ends. The oil is very light (fat free, does not make hair greasy), quickly absorbing and has a pleasant smell. Argan oil is known as a wonder oil that nourishes and restores. Coconut hair oil is very nourishing in combination with linseed oil and it helps prevent split ends in the future. Hair is no longer lackluster and damaged. Blueberry hair oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it smoothes hair and simplifies brushing. Linseed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, helps stimulate hair growth and lessen split ends.

Intensely moisturizing olive oil for split ends leaves a protecting layer in hair, lessening damages caused by sun, chlorine and salt. It deeply moisturizes hair and helps prevent split ends. Brittle ends become stronger, elastic and shiny.

In addition to oils, we also have regenerating hair creams with olive oil and keratin. Very intensely reviving hair creams are specially created for treating split ends. Keratin cream has a smoothing effect as well.

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My hair could grow quicker

We have received the best feedback on stimulating hair growth from clients that use herbal placenta and bamboo extract hair care set (the green one). These universal products are suitable for many very hair types. Bamboo extract helps moisturize hair from the inside. We highly recommend to use this set with vials to for best results. We have also received a lot of positive feedback on chili pepper bio extract products that stimulate and vivify hair follicles preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. We also recommend to use this set with lotions.

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My hair has a yellowish tinge

Olive oil silver shampoo is intended for grey or blond hair to remove a yellowish tinge. It has a maintaining effect and unlike many other silver shampoos, it also has a very pleasant smell. This product does not dry hair.

Keratin set’s deep cleansing shampoo is also suitable for neutralizing hair’s yellowish tinge.

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Keratin hair smoothing products

Organic keratin set’s shampoos and hair creams increase straightening effect, being reinvigorating, nourishing and moisturizing at the same time. Biphasic keratin spray balm is a leave-in balm that is easy to use in a fast paced life. Anti-frizz hair cream is a leave-in cream that is intended for hair ends to lessen dryness and frizziness. All of the set’s products are enriched with vitamins A, C and E.

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Natural curl care

When it comes to natural curls, we have received very positive feedback from our customers on our royal jelly set (the yellow one). It is a nourishing set whose main ingredient is royal jelly that contains many different nutrients, providing hair with strength, energy and volume. Royal jelly is a natural nutrient which contains a lot of B-group vitamins. It improves hair structure, lifting hair roots and adding volume.

We recommend to use a special cream intended for curly hair to moisturize and bring out curls. Its vitamin-rich ingredients ensure that hair is moisturized from the inside. It eliminates frizziness and leaves curls soft, elastic and shiny.

In addition, mineral oil adjuvant lotionis also helps bring out natural curls

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Hair is constantly static

Linseed oil set (the light blue one) has an anti-static effect that is intended to repair dry and chemically treated hair. Active components change hair’s surface and restore damages caused by chemical treatment.

A special hair finishing product LUCIDO 4in1 that is based on linseed oil is also suitable. The product has 4 main functions: 1) shine – makes your hair shiny and gives it a finishing touch when you spray it on your styled hair 2) hair protection – prevents and decreases damage to your hair when you spray it on your hair before going out in the sun, bathing or swimming 3) leave-in balm – when you spray it on towel dried hair, it functions as a balm, moisturizing and simplifying brushing 4) anti-static protection – when you use the product before styling your hair or adding a finishing touch, it helps prevent getting static hair.

Olive oil smooth mousse is also with anti-frizz formula, nourishes and enlivens the hair, giving an extra-smooth look. Leaves your hair smooth, soft and keeps your look under control.

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I just want to energize my hair

Mineral oil adjuvant lotionis are the solution, vials that are the favourites of many of our clients. They contain mineral salts, anionic wax and a special emulsion that is based on oil and should be warmed up in your hands before applying to your hair. Applying to damp hair immediately revitalizes the damaged parts of hair. The product has a repairing and calming effect on hair, simplifying styling and brushing. making it shiny and elastic. Ideally, apply it before and after coloring your hair or using other methods of chemical hair treatment. It can also be used as an anti-dandruff remedy. Oil vials with vitamin F nourish hair with essential mineral oils and vitamin F as well. Revitalizing olive oil vials offer even more intense moisturization, energize hair after coloring and other chemical treatments and repair damage caused by environmental factors.

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Hair finishing products

Our product range includes three different hair mousses: smoothing, strengthening and curly hair mousse. Hair mousses protect hair from blow-drying, moisturizing and revitalizing, but they do not make hair heavy or greasy. These products add fullness and volume to hair all day long. In addition, we have a selection of different modelling hair gels, liquids and hair waxes that are perfect for making hair stay in place and moisturizing it at the same time.

Hair sprays have also different strength levels: Organic strong hair spray and volumizing hair spray. The sprays contain argan oil, royal jelly and diverse citrus extracts. They do not contain gas! The sprays keep different hairdos in place, dry instantly and they are easily removable by brushing. Linseed oil hair spray and olive oil and lemon hair spray are suitable for applying to wet or damp hair, for example, before putting rollers in hair or curling hair to make the hairdo last pretty for longer.

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If you do not find help and do not know which products to choose, then do not hesitate to contact us info@lineashop.ee or write us on Facebook so we can personally recommend products that are suitable for you.