At Linea, we believe that all great things start with small ones. So we have set ourselves with the goal of giving a contribution to subjects that are very important. We actively work with the cancer foundation Gift of Life and support “Bullyfree School” foundation. From our e-shop, you can buy products which profit we donate 100% back to the respective fund. If everyone contributes abit, something very good and big may come as an outcome.

  • 100% of the revenue goes to the “Kiusamisvaba Kool” fund!

    The charity badge suits well with a beautiful and respectable outfit. It represents two hand images as unity and the stop sign as a symbol of stop bullying.

    The badge can be purchased for a donation (2€) and the donation amount goes to Estonian schools to distribute the KiVa research and evidence-based program.

  • 100% of the revenue goes to “Kiusamisvaba Kool” fund!

    Artist Eva Pogoretski (Lumimari) illustrated card express affection and friendliness of a cute cat family. Card measures  are 148 x 21 mm – foldable and fits nicely into a standard C5 envelope. By buying this card you make a contribution to change Estonian schools bullying-free.

    If you want personalized text inside the card, write it in the notes while making your purchase.

  • By buying this pencil you make a contribution to change Estonian schools bullying-free. 100% of the pencils revenue goes to the “Kiusamisvaba Kool” fund!

    Pencils are available in four different colors (eraser color) orange, red, blue and green. Please write down your preference in the notes.

    Every pencil has two messages:  “KIUSAMISVABA KOOL” and according to color: orange: “Märkan kaaslast. Kiusuvabalt!”; red: “Hoolin kaaslasest. Kiusuvabalt!”; blue:” Suhtlen vabalt. Kiusuvabalt!” green: “Austan kaaslast. Kiusuvabalt!”



  • 100% of the mini-textbook revenue goes to the fund!

    Textbook helps to identify and prevent bullying.

    The purpose of the mini-textbook compiled by the Bullying-Free School is to provide parents with the necessary knowledge and practical tips:

    1. how to recognize if a child is being bullied or is a bully;
    2. how to support a bullied child;
    3. how to teach an outsider to support the victim;
    4. what to do if your child is being bullied out of school, over the phone or online.
  • Double lifesaver!

    Support the cancer patients by  purchasing “The Gift of Life” foundation reflector. The foundation supports cancer patients primarily financially. They help people purchase modern medications (or treatment procedures) essential to them, giving them hope, a chance to live longer or even fully recover.

    Reflector as a bouble lifesaver – you are visible in the dark  and protect your life while gifting life days to cancer patients as well.

    100% of the reflector revenue goes to the “The Gift of Life” fund!