I have been using Linea Natura products continuously for 7 months. I have tried the royal jelly and silk protein sets – magnificent!
I am currently using Strutta’s Peach Shampoo, Chili Hair Cream and Bamboo Ampoules – which are all incredible products! Next to all of those other products, mineral salt ampoules have become my ‘WOW’ product, to the point that I simply do not want to wash my hair without them. Since I have been using them, the appearance of my hair (healthy, shiny) could be seen and felt from the very first ampoule! I will definitely try any new products that are added and any products that I have yet to try.

My thin, dull, breaking, dry hair has been brought to life and made to shine by these products!
Pictured is my hair in October 2016 and April 2017